Chorchaiwat Industry Co.,Ltd.

          Established in Thailand in 1989, leading tapioca starch manufacturer locating in Chonburi province, the gateway to eastern Thailand where the majority of tapioca roots are produced, this advantage in location allows Chorchaiwat Industry to have reliable supply of fresh roots to manufacture starch all year round.
          Chorchaiwat Industry produces the type of native starch that is suitable for all food industrial and various industrial uses. Our product is known for high consistency and superior quality.
Tapioca Starch produced from native tapioca roots in Thailand is known as natural.
          Tapioca starch produced from Chorchaiwat factory is praised to be such high quality, high-grade requires consistency, cleanliness and high viscosity.
We manufacture starch from fresh roots using the most advanced machinery, closely controlled by experienced workers and dedicated Quality Assurance team.

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